Born and raised in upstate NY, I've spent my life enjoying the
many benefits of a state rich with heritage, culture and natural
beauty.  Throughout all of my travels, I've never found another
place which offers the variety of landscapes, lifestyles and
entertainment as centralized as upstate NY.  I guess that's
why, despite several opportunities, I've never wanted to leave.

The two great loves of my life have been music and
architecture.  I graduated with a degree in music/entertainment
business, toured the east coast as a guitarist, own a regionally
successful recording studio,
Rockwell Productions and have
performed regionally in a number of bands including IMI, Four
Down and Wag .  Many years ago, I actually considered
becoming an architect and I always enjoyed woodworking,
home design and renovation.  

In 2002, I was given the amazing, life altering opportunity to
become an upstate New York dealer for the Original Lincoln
Logs.  In 2004,  after spending years dreaming of living in a log
home, my dream finally became a reality when I completed my
custom Lincoln Logs home. This new chapter in my life allowed
me to enjoy my passion for home design on a daily basis, while
providing me with the satisfaction of being able to assist my
customers in making their custom home dreams a reality as

In 2016 my journey has taken it's greatest leap as I decided to
retire as the dealer for the Original Lincoln Logs and evolve my
company into the actual supplier of material/design packages
and turnkey construction.  Teaming up with key partners whom
I've developed an amazing respect for over the years, we have
over 75 years of combined experience in the home and
construction industry and now offer all styles of construction
options from Solid Log & Panelized to stick framed, modular,
concrete and metal.  Please visit our new company at
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