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Kyle & Cinda O'Brien
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House Specs
Design:  Custom Valcour Island

Construction Style:  D-Log

Square Footage:  1607 (1017 1st fl, 590 2nd fl)

Number of Bedrooms:  3 (1st fl master, 2 on 2nd fl)

Number of Baths:  2
Year Completed:  Currently Under Construction

Special Features:  A beautiful chalet design featuring a
large GR and 1st floor Master Suite.  16' & 26' Shed
Dormer's were added to the standard Valcour design  to
create  2 Bedrooms & Bath on the second floor.

Builder:  Hebert Construction

Location:  Duanesburg, NY (Schenectady Co)
Cinda and I were originally looking to purchase an existing post & beam home.  After
almost buying one (but the inspection failed), we decided to build a stick framed home.  
However, we couldn't get the idea of a log home out of our minds.  I remember myself as
a kid always pretending to build a log home out of branches that I found around the
yard.  I guess my inner child kept coming back.  I decided to visit Justin's model.  I really
liked the logs, but as soon as Cinda and my daughter saw it, they were sold.  We decided
to scrap our ideas of a stick-built home and started the process of my (now our) dream of
building a log home.

Justin has been excellent in every facet.  He has always answered our questions
promptly and has never pressured us (even when we were not sure we were going to
buy a log home).  I have nothing but the highest regard for him as we enter out 10th
month of dealing with him.  His knowledge and expertise gave us a lot of peace of mind.  I
would also like to stress the great job that our builder (Marty Hebert) has done.  His
meticulousness is beyond compare.  He takes no short cuts and has been nothing but
enjoyable to work with.  I am very skeptical in most facets of life and everyone warned us
of the headaches of building, but I have to say it has been enjoyable so far!  We are
currently about a month away from completion and are anxiously awaiting our move...
-Kyle O'Brien
Valcour Framed Front
Framed Left Side
Framed Right Side
Framed Rear
Left Side Roof Construction
Left Side Stacking Logs
Lincoln Materials Staged on Site
Foundation is In
Lincoln Truck 2 Ready for Off Load
Lincoln Truck 1 Arrives!!!
Please check back frequently to follow their progress!!!  
(please note that pictures are in reverse order with newest ones first)
Valcour Front Windows In
Valcour Right Side
Log Sided Dormer